solo or voyager for pc/mp3 player?
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Feb 26, 2008
cant decide between these two.
i like the idea of the voyager being portable. but i listen to music mostly sat at my pc.
can anyone say that the solo is far better than the voyager would be, playing mp3's or cd's off a pc or dap??
is the solo an "overkill" for this application?
my current mp3 player is a sony 818(no line out), but i am on the lookout for an alternative (with line out).
my phones are ath-a900
any opinions welcome.
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I owned the Green Solo and IMO it is a nice warm amp. When I purchased it Graham Slee had it on sale (pre-production model) and I paid $580 included expedited shipping from Great Britain. I liked it better than the Voyager and w/ its two inputs it offers a better value.

However if you plan to use it as a portable or transportable then of course the Voyager would be the better option. Sonically I prefer the Solo.
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another option/ compromise i am considering is the creek obh-21se.
have you any views on that amp?
thanks again
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no need to answer the last post, i have found that creeks are not too popular on here.
its between the two gs units and possibly a xcan-v8, the latter is slightly cheaper than the solo, here in uk. just struggling to find a stockist for a demo!

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