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Discussion in 'Music/Videos For Sale / Trade' started by SCBob, Jan 6, 2020.
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  1. SCBob
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    BEAT 1.jpeg BEAT 2.jpeg BEAT 3.jpeg
    *Mint Condition*
    The exquisitely crafted, apple-shaped USB drive is loaded with the critically acclaimed re-mastered audio for The Beatles' 14 stereo titles, as well as all of the re-mastered CDs visual elements, including 13 mini-documentary films about the studio albums, replicated original UK album art, rare photos and expanded liner notes. A specially designed Flash interface has been installed, and the 16MB USB's audio and visual contents will be provided in FLAC 44.1 Khz 24 bit and MP3 320 Kbps formats, fully compatible with PC and Mac.

    Black lift-top box (3.59"Wx3.59"Dx2.87"H)
Green Aluminum Apple (50mm wide x 48.5mm high)
    Product specs:

    16GB USB stick housed in a green aluminum apple
    Contains full contents of The Beatles' stereo box set

    *Please Please Me

    *With The Beatles

    *Hard Day's Night

    *Beatles For Sale


    *Rubber Soul

    *Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    *Magical Mystery Tour

    *The Beatles (White Album)

    *Yellow Submarine

    *Let It Be

    *Abbey Road

    *Past Masters I & II

    *All stereo songs in FLAC (44.1 Khz 24 bit) and in DRM-free MP3 (320kpbs) with a one-click 'Export To Media Player' function

    *13 mini-documentaries in MPEG4 video format

    *Custom-designed FLASH player menu system with full booklet artwork, album cover wallpapers and photo gallery
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2020
  2. waterking
    PM sent

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