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    Norne Audio Draug V2 series 1 ft 4pin XLR female to 1/4'' male adapter. $SOLD
    2nd owner. mint condition. been in drawer every since I got it...thought I was gonna need it.

    4-pin XLR female to 4-pin XLR male extension cable. about 5 ft. $40
    used once to test it out. bought from Amazon (made by GAGACOCC whoever that is). as far as I can tell, its the same wire used here:

    4-pin XLR balanced cable for MrSpeakers. about 5ft. Sold
    this is silver plated. made by the same guy as the extension cable.

    Also for sale:
    Comet Ibasso IT04.

    2018-10-26 23.45.34.jpg
    2018-11-10 18.11.49.jpg
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