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Trader History (50)
  1. flinkenick
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    I am putting my modded WM1Z for sale. The modification consists of replacing the Kimber cable with PW Audio 1960 8-wire cable for the balanced output (which is normally a $3900 HP cable), and 4-wire for the single end. Furthermore, they replace the 4.4 female socket with a high quality Pentaconn, and use a high grade precious metals solder. They also add isolation of inductor coils and capacitors with shielding products from Japan (Oyaide and fo.Q). More info Music Sanctuary page (link).

    As a result, the WM1Z undergoes a transformation in performance and signature. The resolution and transparency increases, as does its stage dimensions. However, the signature is also more neutral with a touch of sparkle in its treble. It retains the deep and powerful impact of the bass, but the midrange is a bit less forward, and the treble timbre is brighter. So, it trades some of the warm, 'analogue' sound for a more precise, detailed, but neutral and slightly less romantic sound perhaps. This is also in part because I added a black and red Telos sticker package. Believe it or not, both fine by me. Just mentioning it's there, not interested in discussion. Twister6 recently reviewed something similar (link). I can't say what the effects are since I only heard the modded Sony with the stickers.

    The original pricing is as follows:
    WM1Z ($3200)
    K-Mod ($650)
    Telos stickers ($220)

    I am selling the player for $2350. This includes $120 paypal fees and $30 international shipping, so I am netting $2200. Please do us both a favor and don't send me lowball offers.

    Comes with original box and accessories.

    1Z_mod_2.png 1Z_mod_3.png
    linux4ever and Overkill Red like this.
  2. proedros
    i wish i had
    the money to buy this
    beautiful baby

    a haiku for a wm1z that will probably be sold very, very soon (oh man i am drooling here)
    LAcruisin and flinkenick like this.
  3. linux4ever
  4. bvng3540
    You just bought 1a with premium plus and still want this:ksc75smile:
  5. linux4ever
    Yes. Both. :)
  6. proedros
    well this was a bargain , especially if the buyer was located in EU (great price +no taxes)

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