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  1. NaiveSound
    For Sale
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    I can't believe I'm doing this. But some sudden expenses came about....blah... Blah .. Blah. Gotta sell em.

    The story.
    I had customs Zeus XR and XRA (I believe ve the adel free version is truly the best)

    I got these made into universal, they got delivered today!!! I plugged the cable in and listened to a few tracks.

    Then took pictures. I will not use these again, virtually brand new.

    What you get:
    The Zeus XR in all its glory with premium abalone! As shown in the pictures. The left piece is a purple transparent shell, the right piece a transparent red!

    It will come with the BTG Starlight cable, 3.5mm for better resolution and details.

    It comes with 2 punches as show in picture, the carrying case and the box! What you read and what you see in the pictures is what you get.

    1650 priced to sell. Retail is 2400, used for 15 mins!

    Don't worry about PayPal fees or shipping cost, I got them both. I will ship ups, signature required. USA only worldwide at the right agreement.

    14 driver sex over here! Come have a drive!!

    No trades, no sob stories, I ship to paypal address unless PayPal is sent as *gift*
    No begging

    20180710_182718.jpg 20180710_182714.jpg 20180710_182730.jpg 20180710_182725.jpg 20180710_182735.jpg
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  2. NaiveSound
    Proedros... Stop me
  3. NaiveSound
    A price drop allready!
  4. proedros
    bro , all i can say

    no more prog house picks - this is BETRAYAL
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  5. NaiveSound
    Just 12 hrs later... Another price drop! Priced to sell!
  6. proedros
    oh man , i can see you regretting this sell

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  7. NaiveSound deal in iems right now
    Also selling a mojo/poly combo, with 2 cases
  8. NaiveSound
    1650!! Wow

    These are brand new with 15 mins of play time.
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  9. Colors
    Ugh, wish I had the $ for this.

    Free bump for an INCREDIBLE iem.
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  10. NaiveSound

    Thank you kind sir!

    Get the credit card out, treat yoself, pay them later, slowly. Haah
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  11. Colors
    Let me just sell 4x IEMs right now!!! Jking lol.
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  12. proedros
    i wish i had money - oh wait i already own Zeus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    bump , whoever gets this is gonna be a happy camper

    great price
  13. notorious4163
    hey would you be interested in a trade? my campfire atlas and idsd micro black label (worth 1950)

    or just the atlas and cash
  14. NaiveSound
    I apologize I do not like anything from campfire audio , not impressed. No trades
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  15. NaiveSound
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