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  1. ceeloChamp
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    Hey All,

    I have for sale a pair of mint Fourtes, they have been used very very lovingly, kept in a hard case, and wrapped with a sunglasses cloth. Never dropped, never dinged and are 4 months old...I will include a full set of Symbio Mandarin tips, because I think they are the best possible tips for the Fourte and because, yes I know one pair of tips is missing from the box. Comes will all original accessories and is STILL WITHIN WARRANTY (probably for some time to come)

    I LOVED these headphones, loved them. There were the best pair of IEMs I've personally ever heard and I'll be sad to let them go. I am selling them to finance a motorcycle, and I have a pair of custom IEMs that personally scratches my music itch for the time being.

    These are priced to move, and I will not accept less.

    I also have a Mint Effect Audio Lionheart 4.4mm that I personally found to be the best pairing with the Fourte and I will include that cable also for an extra $350 (it has been used as little as the IEMs and was $500 new).

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  2. ceeloChamp
    IMG_1280.jpg IMG_1281.jpg IMG_1282.jpg IMG_1283.jpg
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  3. notorious4163
    Hey I just created an account for this post! I am interested! I am waiting for an admin to verify me so that I can pm you with my contact information. I can pay Venmo/Cash/Paypal.
  4. ceeloChamp
    Price drop, will ship fourtes with insurance for $2650, this price includes symbio mandarin tips as well
  5. aaf evo
    Great price. GLWS
  6. Somatics
    I am using the Symbio Mandarins on my U18s and really like them for their improved isolation in an increasingly noisy co-working space. Can you describe your personal reasoning and audio choices for using them on the Fourtes please? I am interested in buying your IEMs if the tips tame the shrill high end that I perceived when I demo'd the Fourte. Cheers!
  7. ceeloChamp
    @Somatics i’ve Found that foam tips tone the fourte’s treble down quite a lot, they are almost mandatory. The symbios accomplish the same thing that foam tips do, but with what I feel is a better fit/sound. Having said that the Fourte is still a treble oriented IEM and because of that they are still going to have highs, if you find the highs are still too much a good cable pairing can help fine-tune the IEM.
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  8. bden59
    After a few hours brain will "burn-in". Highs are so good on Fourte, no need to tame them. Just listened Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago again on Fourte. To tell you the truth, it was awesome...
  9. ceeloChamp
  10. ceeloChamp
    Huge price drop, these are priced to move!
  11. ceeloChamp
    Thank you everyone for your offers, both the lion heart and the Fourtes have sold.

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