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    up for sale are my precious Mahogany Fostex cans. They were fitted with Lawton's Level 1 mod (full dampening + angle pads) and a shorter cable (1,3m ToxicCables 24AWG cryo OCC with 2,5mm TRRS). They have a nice non-offensive, fast bass response, sparkly treble, and a wonderful soundstage. Found the can to perform better properly amped with my pico power, so I was going to re-terminate the cable to 3,5mm TRS and make it a little fancier with Eidolic goods and sleeve. Didn't found the time for that, but I'm adding the materials too, so the new owner with handy skills could do the mod.
    I really hate the idea to sell, because I love this Fostex, but would like to jump into flagship IEM territory as well and need the funds for it.
    Just to summarize the pack, you'll get:
    - Fostex TH-X00 in original packaging
    - original pads included too
    - original cable included too
    - Eidolic gunmetal splitter, 3,5mm TRS plug + cable sleeves included

    Any questions, just ask.

    PS: If interested, I can add my Headamp Pico Power to the pack as well and work out a good deal.

  2. lengyeljani
  3. lengyeljani
  4. lengyeljani
    bump. 350€ shipping + paypal fees included!
  5. lengyeljani
    For now withdrawn from sale, I'm going to do another cable mod and decide after to keep or continue to sell.
  6. lengyeljani
    Up for sale again in the original listed state. Didn't come to do any further mods.
    Price 300€
  7. lengyeljani
    Considering trades for following items, but need to calculate with reasonable prices
    Dragonfly Red
    Headamp Pico Slim
    Radsone EarStudio ES100
    Fiio BTR3
    0,78 2pin IEM cables: - Forza Audio copper/hybrid, Linum BaX
  8. lengyeljani
    Original pads and cable sold separately, so reducing price to 280€
    Great deal considering the Lawton level 1 mod's price of 135$ + shipping alone.
  9. lengyeljani
    The cable + pad deal went off, so I'm offering still the complete package. Price remains the reduced 280€
  10. lengyeljani
    Final price of 250€ (+shipping + paypal)
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