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  1. Gnomeplay
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    Hi, I'm looking to sell or trade my Ether Flow. The condition is nearly mint, and the original angled pads have seen very little use. The e-stat pads are in 7/10 condition. There aren't any notable scratches or scuffs, and I've babied them.

    I'm interested in trades within a similar price range, primarily an HD800 (S or SDR), ZMF Auteur, Hifiman Edition-X or Focal Clear, but feel free to shoot me other offers as well.

    Comes with:

    • Original 4-pin XLR cable
    • Original box and travel case
    • Original documentation
    • Additional electrostat pads from Mr. Speakers
    • Audeze leather care for the pads
    Note: The pictures below are from the previous owner, who I purchased these from a few months back. The condition is exactly the same, as I've made sure to take excellent care of them. New pictures are available upon request.

    E4.jpg E1.jpg E3.jpg E5.jpg
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  2. gaang
    still available?
  3. Gnomeplay
    Yeah, it's still available at the moment.
  4. Gnomeplay
  5. Gnomeplay
  6. Gnomeplay
  7. Gnomeplay
  8. Gnomeplay
    Price drop! $1k
  9. Gnomeplay
    Bump! Willing to trade for HD600/650 + cash as well.
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