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Trader History (27)
  1. Gnomeplay
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    I have for sale an excellent condition black WA6SE of the current revision. Fantastic amp, don't really want to sell it.

    (Note, one of the included rectifiers missing in the photo above)


    Stock tubes (Power: 2x 13DE7 from Mexico, Rectifier: 5AR4 from China)
    "Sleeve" of NOS Sylvania 13DE7 tubes (5x NOS tubes made in US)
    Tung-Sol Rectifier Tube 5AR4 from Russia
    Brimar NOS 6Z4GY Rectifer Tube (fan favorite made in England)
    Princess Sophia Mesh 274B Rectifier Tube ($160 new from Woo)

    1x WA6-SE 2nd Gen in black with both power unit and driver unit.
    Power supply umbilical cord
    Original box and anything that came with the unit originally.

    I'll handle the shipping, you pay the paypal fees.

    Could be willing to sell the Sophia Mesh separately, but not the amp separate without the tube.
  2. Gnomeplay
  3. alexnishi
    hi! are these tubes included in the price?

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