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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Mimouille, Apr 7, 2018.
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  1. Mimouille
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    Dear all,

    I am selling my Earsonics S-EM9 in perfect condition. It was acquired in June 2016 from Musica Acoustics (authorized dealer at that time) and babied since then.

    It is one of my favorites IEMs, but I have always had so-so fit due to my large ear canals.

    The IEM comes with boxes and all accessories. Price includes paypal, shipping fee depends on destination, I can ship anywhere in the world.

    Price is 900 USD.

    I can add the Onso IECT 03 cable (http://www.onsoproject.com/iect_03_a.html) for a total of 950$ (the cable costs 150$ on amazon) in 3.5mm single ended

    PM me for offer.




    IMG_20180408_095935.jpg IMG_20180408_095949.jpg IMG_20180408_100019.jpg IMG_20171130_151953.jpg FB_IMG_1522976094558.jpg FB_IMG_1522976091002.jpg
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