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  1. wantmyf1
    Up for grabs is my RSA P-51 Mustang.  This amp is a minor legend and for the price is about the the best sounding portable amp you can get.  It also packs plenty of power especially considering it's size.  It had no trouble bringing my 600 ohm T1s up to and way past safe and even past dangerous listening volumes!  It also has three gain settings allowing it to be used with a wide variety of headphones.
    This amp has only been used a few times and I haven't even attached the little silicone feet.  Due to an odd circumstance I ended up getting the P-51 Mustang and the RSA Shadow (also For Sale) at almost the same time and due to it's very small size I ended up using the Shadow more.  However I do prefer the sound of the Mustang.
    Now one thing: Either due to an accidental or deliberate picture post instead of the black Mustang that I thought I was getting it was actually pink.  However it's a nice, deep and metallic pink.  After a couple of hours I was thinking that it was actually a cool colour but you can get some idea of it in the pictures located here:
    The pictures make the colour a little to bright and not as deep as the actual colour but I'm far from a competent photographer.  I have also used a Sansa Fuze and a quarter to help give an idea of the size.
    I'm asking $old + shipping for the P-51.  I'll cover the Paypal fees.  It's a fair price for an incredible little amp.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. vunjick1
    Wow this is good for my wife, truly amazing PINK. : P
    btw, do you ship this Pinky babe to Singapore? thanks!
  3. wantmyf1
    I have no problem shipping to Singapore.  Obviously postage will be higher but if you're really interested I can check what the costs would be and let you know.  Would you like me to check?
    Also, my wife loves the colour too.  She has no interest in this hobby and would never use it herself, but she'll still be a little disappointed when it's gone.
  4. wantmyf1
    All PMs answered
  5. wantmyf1
    Wow, gotta bump something.  This is almost a first.  It's the colour isn't it?  C'mon, be honest...
  6. JoeyRusso
    Nope, the color doesn't bother me at all.. If I wasn't looking for a DAC/AMP, I'd take it in a second.. I'm secure with my manhood.. LOL
    Free Bump...
  7. wantmyf1
    LOL,  Thanks JoeyR!  Really I'm not meaning this as a bump, the comment just made me laugh!
  8. utdeep
    This is a steal! Someone should just get it. Use a black sharpie if you have to.
  9. hockeyb213 Contributor
    Good deal but why do you have it listed as brand new in box if it has been opened?
  10. wantmyf1
    Because all you have to do to get it out of the box is cut a piece of scotch tape.  And before I sold it I was definitely going to make sure that it worked!  Other than that and a bit of comparison with the Shadow, it wasn't used.  And certainly never served any duty as an actualy portable amp.
    You basically read my mind utdeep.  I was thinking the same thing.
    Anyway none of that is relevant anymore since this is now SOLD!  Thanks to everyone for their interest!

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