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Headphoneus Supremus
Dec 14, 2006
I am preparing to assault a certain IEM (guess what), so I have to unload some toys since I am done with them.
The Head-Direct RE0 are a nice IEM for the price. I like them over the Shure SE530 and the, even if it might not say much since I disliked the SE530, and find the to be sibilant (otherwise very good). The RE0 have a very flat and neutral frequency response, the bass is clean and snappy, but lacks the ultimate depth. The treble is its best part, being superior to any IEM I have tried: it's flat and extended, perfectly balanced, never sibilant, still exciting. The midrange sounds a bit far away, like what happens with the

The RE0 are SOLD.

I'll add many pairs of UE foam tips, which I find to sound great with the RE0.

I can also accept a couple of trades to delay my assault to the Westone 3 (which is the IEM I was talking about at the beginning): these are Xin Supermicro IV and Klipsch Custom 3, which I wouldn't mind to review.

If the buyer wants the RE0 and the iBasso T4 together ( ), I'll take away 5€ from each.

Thank you.

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