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Trader History (24)
  1. Malcolm Riverside
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    These were my “desert island” headphones for a long time I liked them so much, but I want to try some of ZMF’s newer open-back offerings and I gotta have space and money to make that happen, so these gotta go! They were purchased from a reputable head-fier in March 2018, and were built a little over a year before that. They’re still in great shape cosmetically and functionally—with only a barely noticeable nick on the left earcup that doesn’t even disturb the finish. Additionally I sent them in to ZMF a couple of months ago for a “checkup” and they were returned to me with a clean bill of health so to speak, so buy with confidence. They are in cherry wood and come with the seahorse case, original owners card, Eikon and practically never-used Ori pads, ZMF ofc cable (1/4” terminated) and a stock cable (1/8”w/1/4”adapter). I might trade these for a ZMF Aeolus, price includes shipping w/in the lower 48 and PayPal fees. Cheers!

    305030C1-B7B4-4F50-A733-CBA919E42C90.jpeg 78806CD1-B8F8-4772-8798-88BE8BA8D493.jpeg 1BCEEF12-23F7-42E3-8802-74DF60BC4789.jpeg
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  2. Catharus
    PM sent.

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