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[SOLD] ZMF Eikon (purpleheart)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by pure5152, Apr 20, 2019.
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  1. pure5152
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Selling a rare purpleheart ZMF eikon in excellent condition. I bought this in "new or with extremely minor finish use" condition directly from Zach in October 2018, and used them for roughly 100 hours. As far as I know, this may be the only purpleheart eikon in existence.

    I bought this in October 2018, used it for about 2 months before leaving for winter vacation in december, and I've kept it in the case since because I've been using the Verite as my main headphone and have no real use for a closed-back in my apartment. While I prefer the Verite's faster, more dynamic sound, the Eikon is definitely no slouch, with an excellent spacious soundstage and quick attack because of the purpleheart. It's actually hard for me to say goodbye to them, but I just don't use them frequently enough to justify keeping them.

    Aesthetically, the wood cups look just like new (see photos). Lambskin Pads are in excellent condition (see photos below). Head-band is a little warped, but that doesn't affect the comfort. The headband/yoke construction is a bit lighter than older eikons, to help out with the heavier weight purpleheart wood. Only sign of use is an extremely small (<1mm) scratch on the right cup (see photo).

    Regarding purpleheart wood: I had the chance to compare my purpleheart eikon with a cherry eikon, and from my experience the purpleheart sounded faster, with more defined attacks and a slightly tighter, deeper bass. This is likely because purpleheart is a very dense wood, with a janka hardness of 2520, vs 1150 for cherry. The purpleheart atticus retains these qualities, sounding faster than the cherry eikon too. Aesthetically, the purpleheart has a reddish-purply-brown color under ambient light, but when shown under a direct light source, shimmers a beautiful raspberry purple.

    Either way, it comes with the standard cable, the owner's card, and I'll include the LTD Mahogany Case my Verites came in (I use the Verite every day, and don't see a need to display it in a case).

    Asking for $SOLD with shipping to the CONUS/paypal fees included. Not looking to ship internationally. Also not looking for trades. Down to do an in-person pickup for $SOLD if you're close to Berkeley - PM me for more details!

    Thanks! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    - purchased directly from zach in October 2018 "new or with extremely minor finish use"
    - roughly 100 hours
    - purpleheart wood has faster attacks and deeper subbass
    - selling because have a Verite, and these don't see much use anymore (no need for closed-back)
    - stock 1/8" cable
    - ZMF OFC 1/4" upgrade cable
    - LTD Mahogany Case
    - Stock Eikon Lambskin Pads








    Last edited: May 2, 2019
  2. Homrsimson
  3. pure5152
    Going to sell the Atmos C cable separately, so price lowered accordingly!
  4. pure5152
  5. pure5152
  6. pure5152
  7. cedboe
    PM sent !
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