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SOLD : ZMF Eikon Padauk

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  1. felix3650
    Hey everyone,

    Unfortunately I'm forced to sell my audio gear due to a health problem that is causing me tinnitus and the inability to listen on headphones unless risking on damaging my left ear on the long run:head_bandage:...I need the funds to get medical assistance...those life moments everyone hates (got the news from my doctor just when tubes started picking my interest but that project's cancelled too:disappointed:)..eventually the other gear must go too...anyway back on topic.

    I recieved the Eikons around early April 2017. They have around 150h of standard burn-in time (out of the Mojo, low volume and pink noise, my LC was out for repairs then) and something like 15h of listening time in total. Condition is pristine because I've been keeping my entire system (Mojo, Liquid Carbon, Eikons) closed in their respective boxes unused since problems started early May. I'm the original owner.
    It comes with 2 stock cables, one 1/8 and one 1/4 terminated.

    My price includes paypal fees and eventually shipping (most EU countries). PM me for further info.





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  2. ProfFalkin
    Great headphones. Get well man! Glws
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  3. felix3650
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
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