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SOLD : ZMF Eikon - Padauk Wood

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  1. geoffalter11
    IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0026.JPG ZMF Eikon in Padauk up for sale. These are in perfect condition, and come with 2 cables. A 5ft with a 1/8" termination, and either a 5ft or 10ft (your choice of 1) with a 1/4" termination. These headphones have incredible reviews, an amazing heirloom quality and the sound is sublime. I am not happy about selling, but my loss is your gain. I have had them for a couple months, where they have been used sparingly. Eikon will come with seahorse case in new condition, their Eikon card showing authenticity and a pouch for 1 cable. You will get 2 cables.

    PM me for any questions. No trades!

    $1000 which will include shipping. You pay PayPal fees or use the gift option. I only take PayPal. I have perfect feedback on here as well as 15yrs of perfect peedback on EBay.

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
  2. geoffalter11
  3. Elzizo
  4. geoffalter11
  5. Elzizo
    Hurray! Faith in humanity restored
  6. geoffalter11
  7. Jimkrell
    congrats to both. Great headphones from a great seller!
    Elzizo likes this.
  8. geoffalter11
    Thanks, Jim. Talk soon....
  9. Elzizo
    I can confirm: this was a very pleasant experience. Will do business again if the opportunity arises.
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