[SOLD] ZMF Atticus (Padauk)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by sotto123, Oct 10, 2017.
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  1. sotto123
    For Sale
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    • Europe
    ZMF Atticus in mint condition for sale

    - 5.5' cable, 4-pin XLR
    - ZMF Eikon pads (worth $69.99)
    - Case

    Please note that the 4-pin XLR to 1/4" adapter (Neutrik NP3X-B) is not included.

    Price includes shipping to the UK, not PayPal fees. If you're in Europe, add another £20 to cover shipping.

    20171010_130942.jpg 20171010_130958.jpg 20171010_130850.jpg 20171010_131247.jpg
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  2. sotto123
  3. sotto123
    Price drop
  4. sotto123
    Final price drop
  5. sotto123
  6. Rossliew
    Are these heavy for long periods of listening as in Audeze or HE6 heavy?
  7. sotto123
    I've owned the LCD-2 and LCD-3 and there's really no comparison. You can wear the Atticus all day just fine.
  8. Rossliew
    Thanks for the reply :)
  9. involuntarysoul
    these weights same LCD2 and HE6 around 550g
  10. sotto123
    Dropping the price one last time to £800.

    That's really the floor.
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  11. Babulilm

    What were you powering these with, ss or tube ?


  12. sotto123
    Hi Dan,

    Mostly SS but also tube.
  13. Babulilm
    Ah that's good to know because I've been confused about what to pair the attics with. I'm an audio gd user and have been happy with their ss products.

    I've read a lot on the internet about how the attics works best with tube amps. I'm not keen on replacing my audio gd with a tube amp so have held off purchasing the attics.

    As you have used both tube and ss what's your personal opinion on the matter? Does the atticus work well with both or does one have a significant impact on the atticus over the other?


  14. sotto123
    You're probably better off asking in the dedicated ZMF thread. I mostly used solid state because I've only recently had a tube amp to try and haven't used it all that much with the Atticus yet.
  15. sotto123

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