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SOLD : ZMF Atticus/Eikon Padauk

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  1. ext1
    Hello all:
    For sale is my mint condition ZMF Atticus/Eikon, both Padauk. I am the first owner. I waited a year for these to get to me, then my circumstances changed and I suddenly had no need for a closed-back. Hence the sale. Save the wait!
    As for trades I'd more prefer to sell, but I'm open to trades. For trades I'm particularly interested in...well is anybody here interested in high-end watches? Or high-end amps (Stax too) could do. Can adjust with cash from my end.
    Please see the photos for details, PM me any questions. I've got good feedback here. Shoot me an offer, worst case I'll just simply decline.
    DSC_0267.JPG DSC_0275.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
  2. ext1
    Bump, keep those offers coming
  3. BuddhaBruce
  4. ext1
    Sold since a long time ago, sorry.
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