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[SOLD!] ZMF ATTICUS, cocobolo (limited edition) – Burned in/barely used

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Pharmaboy, Jan 18, 2018.

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  1. Pharmaboy
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    This Atticus is one of 20 cocobolo Atticus/Eikon headphones offered as a limited edition by ZMF in late 2017.

    It arrived here 12/15/17. Over the next 2 weeks I burned it in ~150 hrs on the Violectric V281 using music (various genres) &/or pink/gaussian noise. After burn-in, I put max. 5-7 hrs of head-time on them.

    This Atticus is beautiful & in perfect condition--it's barely used. Included are:

    • Ori pads (standard on this headphone)
    • 3M balanced stock cable (never used)
    • ZMF's Seahorse S3 6500 case w/custom foam inserts
    • 2 X hex drivers (not sure what they're for, but they came w/the headphones)
    Paid $1320 for these headphones. Selling for $1075: that includes Paypal fees & std shipping w/in CONUS. Will ship in original packaging.

    If any questions, please PM me. Check my profile for buyer/seller feedback. And please, no low-ballers or wacko trades.

    1 - 20171220_094753 (cropped).jpg 2 - 20171220_094828 (cropped).jpg 3 - 20180106_123510 (top shot #2).jpg 20180106_123611 (from front side).jpg 20180106_123634 (from back side).jpg 20180106_123755 (from below).jpg 20180106_123906 (in box 2).jpg
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
    Burt Macklin likes this.
  2. s2kPanda
    What a fine pair of cans, if it was 500 dollars cheaper I'd take em off you haha. GLWS
  3. wazzupi
    Why are you selling them ?
  4. whirlwind
    Beautiful cans....great guy.....GL with sale.
  5. cute
    PM sent!
  6. heliosphann
    Somebody get these Bolo's so you can join us cool kids!
    Pharmaboy likes this.
  7. Pharmaboy
    (apparently I was a cool kid...? nobody told me)
  8. Pharmaboy
    Update: these headphones are sold. Thanks to everyone for interest & participation.

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