SOLD Zero DAC with upgraded OPA627
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Jul 19, 2006
Well I Just received the Zero DAC with the upgraded OPA627 op amps straight from wsz0304 in China on the 10th of November, so it’s not even 4 days old now, and some other expenses came up that dictate that these “toys” need to go.
It has just shy of 7 hours total on it. One break in duration and was then shut off.

Pics upon request, however it is practically brand new and will be shipped with the original fitting packaging inside of another stuffed box to ensure safe delivery. It will include the power cable and I will also throw in the Xitel MD-port DG@ Digital to analog converter that came with it.

I would like to get SOLD and that will include tracking information and insurance. I would like to stick to the lower 48 at this time though. I know I am new to these forums and honestly I don't sell a lot of things, I horde, but do have 183 perfect feedback on eBay under CRZYSTNG. I used to do a few deals with car audio equipment on,, and, however due to my back injury I haven't touched that stuff in over two years now.

I was recently informed about the fake OPA627AU/AP's that are out there so I decided to measure these. One read 48.5K and the other read 49.5K which is suggestive that these are in fact real AU's.

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