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[SOLD] WTS Cowon Plenue 2 (P2) 128GB brand NEW

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  1. btomi9
    For Sale
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    Hi folks,

    For sale is my brand new, sealed, unopened Cowon Plenue 2 128GB mk 1 version player. Warranty is valid til Dec 11, 2019. The item is in EU, so for buyers inside the European Union, there is no risk of customs and VAT fee.

    Massive price drop: 700 EUR including paypal and shipping.

    ov_area_04.png ov_area_30.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  2. btomi9
  3. TremWolod
  4. btomi9
  5. TremWolod
    I'm not for myself, for all of us.:)
  6. btomi9
    You know, I want to sell it, so, when I bought it, the lowest European price on amazon was around 1300 EUR. This is still brand new, unopened one, won't regret whoever buys it.
  7. btomi9
    Price drop 700 EUR including shipping and Paypal fee.
  8. btomi9
  9. btomi9
    Price drop 400 EUR. 1/3 price of what I bought it.
  10. Barolo
    Try eBay Uk should sell quickly
  11. btomi9
    Sold, thank you!

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