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SOLD Woo Audio WA6 with V-Cap Upgrade and Nice Tubes Excellent Condition

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  1. GradestCanadian
    For Sale
    Black Woo WA6 Headphone Amp with V-Caps upgrade in excellent condition.  I am the second owner now and the amp is 18 months old with less than 150 hours on it from the first owner and about 10 hours from me.  In addition to the stock tubes it will come with a Sylvania 5U4G rectifier tube from the 40's/50's, and a matched pair of GE fat bottles as well as a Golden Dragon Rectifier that seems to have the widest soundstage with a lot of bass.  It sounds wonderful.  Original cost for everything was over $875.
    I just purchase this from another HeadFi member as well as a solid state Lake people G109.  
    I will be keeping the solid state as my kids have taken on a particular fascination with the glowing tubes. I have listened to it enough to know it has amazing sound with a great soundstage. 

    $625 plus shipping and paypal fees firm. Killer amp with upgrades at killer price. Make my children's safety be your gain lol
    My ebay feedback is excellent as you can see so buy with confidance:
    My pictures are not great and I can take better ones if necessary.  It is in immaculate condition though without any blemishes whatsoever. It has been babied and will be sent in original box.
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