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(Sold) WM1Z

Trader History (10)
  1. kenjamin0523
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    Best offer:

    - I wanna sell my WM1Z (asia model - unlimited volume gap) which I bought direct in Malyasian store in July-2018 in mint condition still has over 1 year warranty.
    - Come with fullbox and all accessories without used
    - No trade items, I just need some cash back
    - Free gift 1 silicon case with slippery resistance function, and 1 handmade goat-leather case with trap for movement
    - Asking for 1800, I will cover paypal or shipping cost around the world.
    73FCC25D-F4E4-46E6-BC36-69BD3161E61B.jpeg 75836BEA-A14C-4A3C-A840-5F92F28CC2CD.jpeg D69BC0A8-B3A6-48F1-9281-963CEFC4BBAB.jpeg 62EA14E7-15E0-4099-A253-42EE02E73736.jpeg F771D20D-384C-491B-9523-EC8BB0C25327.jpeg 16D01335-5C30-477D-AEA1-A2EDE0F03DFB.jpeg 0E820BD9-EAB1-4AF7-A6C4-F7A558723C86.jpeg EB0A5312-6A08-4793-8FC7-E63EC1BFFB7E.jpeg EB6EEFF3-2891-4D9B-9B42-4817BA0C9E3B.jpeg
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  2. wxzp
    This looks nice and with a low price too. Too bad i just spend on watches :frowning2:(.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
    Quasimodosbelfry likes this.
  3. kenjamin0523
    Lol, no thanks
  4. kenjamin0523

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