[SOLD] Whiplash TWag v3 | 2 pin | 8 braid | 3,5mm TRRS [EU]

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  1. firegon
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    For sale a Whiplash TWag v3 8 braid 2 pin cable bought from a fellow headfier.

    Condition: like shown on the photos, the wooden splitter has some signs of age and so does the jack

    Termination: 3,5mm TRRS - this is a balanced 3,5mm BUT it works with pretty much with every standard 3,5mm plug I've tested ( amplifiers, daps, laptops, PCs ) except in smartphones ( that depends on pin distribution in smartphones ). That is why I'm adding a Forza AudioWorks made 3,5mm TRRS -> 3,5mm TRS adapter, so You can freely use it with everything. It is a fairly decent termination, because You can buy additional adapters for 4,4 or 2,5 balanced without having to reterminate.

    CIEM/IEM type: 2 pin ( I've used it with Custom Art Fibae 3 )

    Price and shipping: 200 Euro including shipping, but the Paypal fees are on the buyer - The initial price of the cable was 400+ as far as I'm aware, although I haven't been able to access their site for quite a while, so can't really check. Shipping from Poland EU, so in case of most EU countries ( and UK ) no additional taxes.

    Oh BTW the adapter is a free gift for someone who decides to buy the cable, it doesn't affect the price ( although it's worth roughly 50 euro )! I'll have no use for it.

    20180804_091052.jpg 20180804_091115.jpg 20180804_091123.jpg 20180804_091141.jpg 20180804_091151.jpg 20180804_091201.jpg
  2. firegon
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