[Sold] Well Used Cowon iAudio X5L 30G
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 30, 2007

I recently switched to the iAudio 7, and am looking to pass my 30G X5L on to a new owner. This future owner shall not be too particular about the appearance of their mp3 player, but the amazing features and sound quality of the iAudio X5L. I've owned this player for about two years, and it has been one great player for me. There is really only one thing wrong with it...

The Catch is that the headphone jack has become loose inside. In a neutral position, it sounds fine, but if you begin to wiggle the plug, the sound comes in and out. Cowon has told me they can fix this for less than $50, but I'm betting that some handy head-fi'er might like to fix it for themselves.

So if this sounds like an opportunity for you, PM me an offer!

If folks want, I can try to take some more/better pics.

Thanks for looking!


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