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SOLD: Violectric HPA V100 mint condition

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  1. L0rdGwyn
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Selling my Violectric V100. It is in mint condition, owned for one year with very minimal use. I listen on tubes primarily, I bought this amp thinking I was going to go down a planar magnetic rabbit hole and needed a proper solid state amp, but that did not happen. So, rather than having a $900 amp to watch to YouTube videos and play video games, I thought it would be best to sell it to someone who will put it to good use.

    This amp is known for being used extensively by Axel Grell during the development of the HD800. No built-in DAC, amp only!

    Comes with power cord, original packaging, and user manual, price is $0, includes shipping and Paypal fees, USA only, PM me if interested, thanks for looking!

    IMAG0507.jpg IMAG0504.jpg IMAG0501.jpg IMAG0505.jpg IMAG0502.jpg IMAG0503.jpg IMAG0506.jpg
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  2. L0rdGwyn
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    Price drop
  7. johangrb
  8. L0rdGwyn
    Sale pending
  9. L0rdGwyn
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