SOLD: Vintage Pioneer SE-L40 Headphones Brass & Brown Leather

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  1. ruthieandjohn
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    12/19/2017: Price reduced AGAIN by 25%, to $90!
    12/13/2017: Price reduced 25%, from $260 to $120!

    Imagine a return to the cigar lounges of the 1970s, surrounded by fine leather, brass, and dark wood, sipping cognac and listening to Duke Ellington played through large tube amplifiers.

    Doesn't float your boat? Perhaps your interest is in the science fiction inspired by 19th century technology and steam-driven designs... Steampunk!

    In either case, what headphones would you be wearing???

    The Pioneer SE-L40, of course.

    These are loved by aficionados and highly regarded in reviews (when you can find them).

    I am selling mine. They work wonderfully, have "pillow" earpads, and feel comfortable. Take a look at the review page depicted in the photographs.

    Price includes shipping via USPS 2-to-3 Day Priority Mail within the United States, and PayPal fees.


    These are the perfect headphones for the cigar lounge!


    Steam Punk 2.jpg
    Steampunkers, Unite! These are the headphones for YOU!

    Oh, and Mikey likes 'em!!
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  2. ruthieandjohn
  3. kennybobenny
    Overall what would you rate the condition?
    Also do you happen to have the case?
  4. ruthieandjohn
    I would rate the condition between very good and good... has the following defects:
    • brass earpieces show signs of wear in some areas when you view from closer than a foot (not visible at two feet) - just looks like rubs on the brass surface;
    • screen cones are perfect;
    • leather is "seasoned", i.e. darkish, but no signs of wear, just an overall patina;
    • cloth-covered cord is perfect, though the 1/4" jack silver surface is not as shiny as you might expect;
    • cloth pads have a couple of raised threads, but no overall signs of wear.
    I do not have the case...sorry. Those with the case I've seen sell on eBay for over $200.

    Hope this helps!
  5. ruthieandjohn
  6. ruthieandjohn
    Price reduced by 25%, from $160 to $120!
  7. ruthieandjohn
  8. ruthieandjohn
    Price reduced AGAIN by 25%, to $90!
  9. kennybobenny
    If you still have them Thursday I will without a doubt buy them. My headphone fund get renewed Thursday.
  10. ruthieandjohn
  11. Chozart
    PM Sent.
  12. kennybobenny
    Did you sell the Pioneers?
  13. ruthieandjohn
    Yes I did. Thanks!
  14. kennybobenny
    Great. Sorry I didn’t get to them earlier.
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