SOLD: V-Moda Vibes gunmetal black (v2) (AUS)
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Jul 18, 2002
A$60 delivered anywhere in Australia.

I bought the Vibes in February 07. In December they developed a fault (the grill on the top of one of the 'phones fell off), I sent them back to V-Moda and they replaced them with a brand new pair.

I have barely used them since then. I suspect that this is the version 2 of the phone as I find them to have a bigger bass than the original pair, and it's not to my taste. (Also I got a pair of q-jays which I prefer.)

They are in excellent condition, perhaps 25 hours of use on them. Included is the full kit that comes with the a new pair (headphones, black vinyl pouch, plastic cable-management thingy, 3 spare sets of ear pieces). No visible signs of wear except very light wear on the vinyl pouch.

(Photos to follow)

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