{SOLD} Used HRT microStreamer in like new condition [Price Dropped]
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Mar 27, 2014
{SOLD} Hello. I bought this HRT microStreamer from Moon-Audio.com on 11.28.2014, so it’s around five months old. It’s been used exclusively at home and not as a portable DAC/amp. This means that it's in more or less "like new" condition; as I'm sure you can tell from the photos, there aren't any blemishes. Primarily used the line-out, but sometimes would engage the headphone out when testing new gear. My reason for selling is simple: I’ve switched to the GO 450.
Pricing & shipping. My price is 115USD x 1.037 (for PP fees), or 119USD 109USD out the door. I'll take care of shipping.  Not going to do PayPal gift: I insist on buyer protection because that's what good buyers want. And I want good buyers who aren't reckless with their money and my time. Not going to suffer lowballers. I said I'll ship to CONUS only: That means I won't ship outside the continental United States, so please don’t ask me to. I’ll just feel like an ******* and you still won’t get the microStreamer. My preference is to deal with experienced Head-Fiers who have positive feedback on this site.
My procedure for sales. If you avow interest, I’ll ask you for your zip code in order to tally up shipping costs. Costs will include insurance. I'll require a signature for delivery. After all of that is figured out, I'll send you the total amount and ask you for your PayPal address. Once I have that, I’ll send you an invoice on PayPal requesting payment. Then, once you pay the invoice, I’ll ship it out and PM/email you the tracking number. It’s as simple as that. But this way, we’re both protected. Oh, and please be able to buy when you contact me – that is, please don't say e.g. "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a headphone today". I'm able to sell when you contact me, so it's only fair.
Once you receive the item, I'll leave feedback. The character of the feedback depends obviously on the character of the transaction. However, it would be rare that I actually make it to the feedback stage without that feedback being positive. I wait until after you receive the item in part so that you don't feel pressured to leave me (positive) feedback before you get what you paid for.
Terms of sales. Because I'm not a retailer, I'm not selling this item in order to make a profit and/or to keep a business going. That means I can't really afford to sell on the condition that the customer has final approval. In other words, all sales are final.
The Schiit Wyrd seen in some of the photos obviously isn't included. 
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