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sold: Upgraded PPA

  1. buddha911
    I'm selling this upgraded PPA that I purchased a while ago, but I hardly ever used it. When I received it, the cosmetic condition was probably at the worst 9/10. Seeing as I've hardly touched the amp, I'd say that the condition (cosmetically) is probably between 8.7 and 9.

    The Amp has several upgrades:
    TSH Chips (All channels)
    Glassman Diamond Buffers
    Ultralinear Regulated PSU by Voodoochile

    I bought the amp from SonicArmada who bought it from Sovkiller, and he customized by Phil. Casework and PSU work was done by voodoochile.

    I have no use for the amp anymore as I sold my RS-1s and found a new place to dump all my money.

    The price is $325

    I don't have a camera except my phone and my webcam, but if you'd like more pictures, I'll try my best to take some more. Thank you for looking [​IMG]


  2. buddha911
    sold. Thank you all.

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