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SOLD Upgraded Bottlehead S.E.X.

  1. jrosenth
    Pains me to do this – but part of a massive liquidation sale (between one toddler and another baby on the way and I just don’t have time to listen to anything not portable as is)
    First up CONUS only and you have to have post counts and feedback to purchase (sorry I won’t have time to respond to anyone asking about worldwide shipping or for folks committing then flaking out – I’ll leave feedback if that happens).  Also Paypal only.  Also I’ll only ship UPS and UPS will probably require a signature.
    Please consider the gear used and beaten, worn and generally reflecting that state (personally I think it looks good but from experience different folks have different definitions so purchase planning on it being in used condition and be pleasantly surprised if it exceeds your expectations).
    Now I’m looking for an easy sale – simple efficient, etc.
    Also, I have over 10 pages of positive feedback here.
    No pictures up yet – will try and put them up soon
    Now onto the gear:
    This was built by Doc himself and includes roughly $1k in upgrades including
    AVM Fluid (est $100) www.antivibrationmagic.ca (This is coated on the entire underside of the amp on all components, wires, etc)
    Stepped Attenuator ($200)
    Music CAPS ($200)
    Factory Assembly ($300)
    C4S board upgrade ($75)
    5 pairs of tubes included ($200)

    I’m at least the 3rd owner.
    Also, when this was shipped to me the case where the wood joined seems to have come unglued. (Something not uncommon with these).  It’s bolted down in its gravity mount to its case so it’s fine as is but a purest may want to take it apart and re-glue the miter joint.
    I actually bought another case (and bottlehead badge) from doc with the intention of making a new one in another color (racing red using rustoleum’s kitchen epoxy product) but never had the chance so I’ll be including that as well.
    All the tubes included listed where I bought it:
    Even at that price it was a crazy deal.
    I have a stock bottlehead and this blows it away.  I use grados, AKGs etc. and even run fostex speakers with this.
    Simply put I adore this amp – destroys almost anything else I’ve heard (Woo 6, Beta, MapleTree, SinglePower, etc.) in terms of tone, bass, prat etc.  Both using mid fi  dacs and a modded Benchmark.
    As a speaker amp - it is very, very nice - pair it with some inexpensive single drivers and you have a great system.
    There’s roughly $2k total in this all said including build, upgrades, tubes, and the case I bought.
    Now I bought it for $670 then it cost me about $120 to have it shipped (doubleboxed and insured from Canada).
    I’d sell this to a good home quick and easy for:
    $OLD shipped, insured and paypalled.
  2. jrosenth
    pics added:
  3. jrosenth
    $OLD shipped and paypalled with all extra tubes and case
  4. jrosenth
    Also potentially interested in trading for the following:
    AKG 702 (not 701)
    Meier Stepdance portable amp
    Also discount if you buy any of the other items i have for sale (yes they work great together a as system)

  5. jrosenth
    $OLD shipped
  6. jrosenth
    $OLD with extra tubes and case shipped 
  7. jrosenth
    $OLD with extra tubes and case including shipping (expensive due to size/wight/value) and paypal fees

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