Sold: Unbuilt Beezar Starving Student Millet Hybrid PCB Kit
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Jan 1, 2005
I signed up for one of these months ago but home and work responsibilities mean I'm not going to get to build it for the forseeable future. Oh, and I built and enjoy a p-to-p and prototype PCB version and have parts for another p-to-p version, so I don't exactly need to build another!

You can read more about this kit here:
* SSMH Overview
and in the last few dozen pages of

This is an as-new Beezar kit as shipped with PCB, parts, sinks, power-supply, case, tubes, etc. I opened the box to admire Tomb's packaging but did not open the individual component packages.

This cost me a little more than $125 shipped.

I will sell (covering U.S. shipping and paypal) to best offer received by 9am PDT tomorrow (9/4), assuming there's a taker that can match what I paid.

I hope this wonderful little amp and great introduction to amp-building will go to a good home.


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