Sold: Ultrasone HFI-680 (EU)
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Mar 16, 2008
Hello there,
I am selling my pair of Ultrasone HFI-680s, which I bought off a German hifi forum. I love the sound of the 680, it's just that the Ultrasones seem to be slightly too small for my ears.

The Ultrasones can be yours for 99 shipped anywhere in the EU.

I am in Germany, so Germany or EU is preferable. I'd rather avoid anything outside the EU (that includes you, Switzerland!
). If you, i.e. some non-EU member, do want them, though, you'd have to pay extra for the additional shipping.
The Ultrasones are about 1/2 year old and also in very good condition. I don't see anything that's wrong or off (or used) about these phones. I'd give them a 9/10. Except for the shinyness of the pics, they look just like the ones on the Ultrasone hp:
They come with the original box and the original accessoires. - If you want pics I could snap some with my mobile, but they wouldn't be too good.

Here's the little feedback I have here: tohni
and on Ebay: Meine eBay Welt - tonidosul


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