SOLD: Trends UD 10.1 usb converter + PSU (can be used with squeezebox)
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Oct 26, 2006
I am thinking to use my desktop as a source very soon so this baby needs to find new home. This unit doesn't need introduction, the most versatile and one of the best on today’s market converter and doesn't cost an arm.

I bought it few months ago and it still in the same out of the box condition. I think it's fully burn-in already at this point. I won’t give a big drop in price since the unit in like new condition, but I will give you the best PSU you can find/build - AMB S11, at a price of parts cost. I built 5VDC S11 PSU especially for this unit but it also can be used with squeezebox too. Parts cost was about $100.

Price sold


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