SOLD: Trends UD-10.1 Full DAC USB -> SPDIF with Regulated PSU - Worldwide
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Jun 29, 2007
has seen a few days of use, in perfect cosmetic condition, and suffice to say 100% perfect working order, this is the full edition, not the lite edition.

driverless, just plug and play to get high quality output from mac, laptop or PC

silver/gray in colour

USB input on the front
headphone (3.5mm) stereo output on the front

BNC digital out on back
Coax digital out on back
AES/EBU digital out on back
Toslink/Optical digital out on back
DC jack in on back

comes in original box with all original paperwork and with the additional upgrade, the regulated power supply, this is UK 3-pin but can be adapted just by a plug gender bender for its respective country

paypal only. ships from the UK

cost me £139.95 for just the trends unit, 1 month ago. plus £25 for the power supply (which makes it sound a lot better)

save £ for a few days use

am pricing for a quick sale, am selling for £SOLD + shipping.
shipping to uk is £5
anywhere else is 10

paypal fees are on me. its all boxed up ready to go!

will ship worldwide, but will probably suit UK/Eu better with exchange rate.

stock techinical info

Trends Audio UD-10.1 USB DAC
These are the three main uses for the Trends UD-10.1 USB Audio DAC.
  1. PC/Mac USB DAC
  2. PC/Mac USB Headphone Amplifier
  3. PC/Mac USB Digital Interface (Allows you to connect to your own DAC)
There are a lot of good quality audio DAC’s on the market. But, a good inexpensive audio source is still difficult to find. Trends Audio developed the USB Audio DAC UD-10.1, which works as an external sound card with various formats of digital output and decoded headphone output. It effectively isolates the serious interference from within the PC/Mac case: high frequency data signals, the switching-mode power supply, the FAN motors, etc.
The UD-10.1 upgrades your PC/Mac to be a hi-end audio source. Thanks to the excellent power supply handling, the high accuracy clock and the sophisticated digital output circuit, the UD-10.1 makes your PC/Mac behave like a high-end CD Player. The UD-10.1.1 and PC /Mac combination provides better sound quality, larger storage capacity and a more user-friendly interface than most standard CD players. The computer hard disk is far superior to a CD transport, no matter the speed, stability, error correction or jitter reduction.

A Battery Pack & Charger taking 4 AA 2300mAh rechargeable batteries is recommended for the best sound quality giving the music a more spacious and airy presentation. Average battery charge time 6-8hrs, playing time 18-20hrs. (2 Pin Euro Version Available) £16.95
Regulated Power Pack 5v 1.5A this gives almost all the performance of the battery pack without the need for battery charging. (2 Pin Euro Version Available) £24.95
Battery Box always have a spare battery pack charged and ready to go for your Trends Audio UD-10.1 USB Audio Converter. Only use AA rechargeable batteries (not supplied).£6.95
On the front panel, there is the USB socket and the headphone socket (can convert to a pair of RCA audio output with the bundled adaptor).
The back panel is mainly digital outputs
Optical x1
Coaxial x2 RCA & BNC)
External power supply socket 5v Centre Pin +
High-end Burr Brown PCM2704 IC for USB audio conversion
Proprietary dual power regulation circuits design (normal implementation is just to directly apply the 5V USB bus power). No matter whether the power is supplied from the USB bus or from an external power supply it is regulated before reaching the related ICs. Dual regulated power is supplied to both the digital and analogue circuits individually; they also have separated digital/analogue ground paths.
The digital GND (network) and the analogue GND (solid) is totally separated except when connected via a ferrite bead at a single point. It effectively reduces interference between digital signals and analogue signals.
Option to use USB bus power which is convenient or external power for better sound (e.g. AA size rechargeable battery 1.2V x4=5V, don't use normal batteries with 1.5V x4=6V as this could damage the unit
4 Pin high accuracy crystal clock (±10ppm) applied RS422 driving IC to concurrently drive 4 groups of balance & non-balance digital outputs.
Proprietary impedance matching circuits for AES/EBU (110ohm), Coaxial (75ohm) digital outputs applies the specially designed pulse transformers for each AES/EBU and Coaxial outputs to further isolated interference from UD-10.1 to the external DAC. The most pure, accurate, standard digital signal is then regenerated with minimum interference and jitter.
Plug-and-play without driver installation for most PC/Mac operating systems, e.g. Windows 2000, Windows XP, OSX etc.
Trends applied audiophile grade materials and electronic components, including high-quality Japanese/Korean precise SMD resistors and capacitors. Besides reducing the space, it also reduces the resident inductance relative to DIP components.
The power filtering and de-coupling uses Sanyo’s OS-CON solid-state electrolyte capacitors. The analogue signal de-coupling and coupling use ELNA Silmic electrolyte capacitors and WIMA MKP10 film capacitors.
The case matches the TA-10.1 amplifier in iron-grey and the case is Aluminium.
USB type A to B cable
Mini Jack to 2 Phono Sockets Adapter
User Guide
Warranty Card






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