SOLD: Total Bithead DAC/AMP
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Justin Uthadude

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May 26, 2009
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I bought this a couple of weeks ago here on the for sale forum to use while I had some repairs done on my other amplifier. It works great. You can plug it into your usb port and it acts as a dac and amplifier and is powered by the usb port. Nothing to configure, it’s plug and play. It has 2 headphone jacks. Or you can plug your dap into it and use it just as an amp and then it is powered by the 4 aaa bateries. I even found that you can use it with your portable at the same time as you have it plugged into a usb port and it doesn’t use any battery power.

It sounds excellent. I used it about 4 hrs a day for a week or so and the batteries still work fine. It comes with a usb cable and a mini to mini cable. It’s the newer model with the gain switch and is black in color.

SOLD – paypal preferred.

I found a review of the Total Bithead here and here

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