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SOLD: Tianyun Zero upgraded HDAM DAC+LT1364 opamps+ALPS Pot $120 CONUS only. 9/19 price drop!

  1. shaddix
    Go to at least 3(maybe 2.5) before the channels are balanced. If you were using very sensitive cans with them I don't think you could listen at very low volume without channel imbalance. However for my HD650s, I never had a problem, as requires to go up to at least notch 3 anyway for acceptable volume.
    There are 40 indentations total on the pot.
  2. shaddix
    Maybe I'm bumping at the wrong time of day! Good morning!! [​IMG]
    Still $125 shipped.
  3. shaddix
    $120 shipped [​IMG]
  4. mildewonrice
    PM sent
  5. shaddix

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