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SOLD: Tianyun Zero upgraded HDAM DAC+LT1364 opamps+ALPS Pot $120 CONUS only. 9/19 price drop!

  1. shaddix

    SOLD! Thanks head-fi!

    I bought this in September of 2008 from Lawrence here on head-fi. Ordering from him I opted for his HDAM module which he says is superior to the opa-earth and opa-sun(sound signature closest to opa-earth). This unit also has LT1364s for the headphone amp and an upgraded potentiometer. I paid $250 total at the time and I am asking from you $120 shipped. I would guesstimate the hours on this unit to be around 600, I used it with my HD595s and my HD650s. I will include optical toslink cable, and the top of the case of course. PM if interested. Feel free to post here or PM me with questions. Smoke free/pet free home.
    Addition: I will include a cheapo USB>Optical adapter(with usb cable) I purchased off of Ebay around the same time I purchased the amp for no extra $.
    Possible issues:
    I have to turn the pot to the 3rd click before to my ears the left and right channels are balanced, they are too quiet up until the 3rd click anyway though. Just posting this so there are no surprises.
    Here is my feedback here on head-fi: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/511504/shaddix
  2. shaddix
    Price drop $170 shipped! Come on guys gotta get rid of this thing!
  3. shaddix
    $150 shipped. 
  4. shaddix
    bippity bump
  5. shaddix
    $140 shipped [​IMG]
  6. shaddix
  7. shaddix
    $130 shipped!~
  8. blackzarg
    Good budget amp for the K701/K702!
  9. AmbientRevolut
    Pm, Sent
  10. shaddix
    still up for sale.
  11. camms
    does it have RCA out?
  12. AmbientRevolut
    Just making sure, with the adapter this works fine with a laptop right? Using both the DAC and the amp? How did you use it?
    -A R
  13. shaddix
    It does have RCA out.
    Yes it works fine with laptop, I used with my lenovo laptop 99% of the time. Laptop>usb(included)>s/pdif adapter(included)>toslink cable(included)>zero dac/amp>HD650(not included lol).
    Sale fell through, this is still available!
  14. shaddix
    Added a 2nd photo and price drop to $125.
  15. beachgeek
    Hi, looks like a good deal.  How many indentations are there on the pot, you said have to go to at least 3 to hear?  Also do you have the dimensions?

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