[SOLD] Theta DSPro basic II multibit balanced DAC

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    Selling my Theta DSPro basic II multibit balanced DAC. It is a vintage DAC that doesn't come up very often, but I really love it. I actually like it more than my other DACs, even Mimby. But I am getting ready for a cross country move and this DAC is too big to make room for and I am planning on upgrading source gear in the near future anyways.

    There's not a lot of info on this DAC, but here is the description from Theta's site. And here is a review from stereophile.

    I have had this for almost a year now and have enjoyed it a lot with all my gear. It has 3 coax inputs, a coax output, RCA outs, and dual XLR outputs. All the inputs/outputs work. Condition is great with just some minor scuffs on the top and around the case. This is probably one of the cheapest balanced multibit DACs you will find and still highly regarded. I believe the balanced section was an optional add-on for $400, so this is fully loaded.

    I am asking $250 shipped CONUS and paypal fees included. I am firm on price for now and I am not interested in any trades. Let me know if you have any questions.
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  2. givemetacos
    Bump, price reduced to $250 shipped
  3. Clemmaster
    What a great price for this gem of a DAC!
  4. ipait
  5. givemetacos
    Ah sorry, forgot to update the post, it is sold

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