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sold : th-x00 purplehearts

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  1. TjPhysicist
    Price: 360USD to Americans (since you can buy it for 450 from massdrop), 450CAD for Canadians, as it would cost more (after import/duty). I'm not looking to make a profit, i paid 600CAD/480USD for these headphones before duty.

    I just bought the th-x00 purplehearts, and then realised that I'd much rather save up money and buy smthg after i've tried out a whole bunch of stuff.

    Note: Shipping to Canada preferred. If you live in or near toronto we can do this in person, would be best.

    JUST arrived, so fresh and new. Original packaging and anything that came in the box


    Comes with this:

    And the headphones.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  2. Shane D
    So, you are going to sell a pair of headphones that you have never heard? And you are going to take a $150.00 loss while doing it?

    Interesting way to do business. I wish you were in Halifax.:)

    Shane D
  3. TjPhysicist
    I've heard them before, I owned thx00 before thats no longer with me. but I realised I'd Much rather save up for something more. I can ship to halifax btw.

    p.s: they arrive tomorrow
    p.p.s I not losing money..most Canadians would pay duty, I didn't.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
  4. Shane D
    I have never heard them before. I believe they are very "bassey"? As I said before, I wish you were in town, so that I could try them out.
    Good luck with the sale.

    Shane D
  5. TjPhysicist
    BUMP! +Added US to shipping possibilities. Also, pics, since it is here now!
  6. TjPhysicist
    Bump. +Reduced price.
  7. TjPhysicist
    Bump again, come on guys, i'm including fast shipping to Canada and US.
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