[SOLD] TC-7510 DAC
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Mar 5, 2006

For sale is the TC 7510 DAC by TEC, which is the OEM variant of the Beresford 7510. I am the 2nd owner and this unit has served my needs well for well over a year or so; but lately I've been downsizing my gear till I get done with school. I found it a convenient device to have for multiple audio sources, in addition to being a capable DAC. I had a DVD player, 360 and my X-Fi digital out feeding it. It worked much better than having a bulky large receiver unit at my computer desk. The headphone amplification section of it has a bit of a higher gain, so it worked well with my AKG K601, Beyer etc. but you would notice a hiss with low impedance headphones such as an AT. But most of the time, I had an amp hooked to it anyways.

$85 shipped anywhere in North America. Paypal preferred, but MO/Check is fine, just that you would have to wait for it to clear. I can ship elsewhere as well, shipping may be a bit more, shoot me a PM. Comes with the unit itself in the original box, AC Adapter (North America) and a generic digital optical IC. Any other queries, don't hesitate to ask. Cheers !


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