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SOLD: Symphones Magnum V8 DIY Wooded Custom Build

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  1. L0rdGwyn
    Selling my custom Symphones Magnum V8 build with black limba tonewood sleeves made by Headfier Fleasbaby. Includes silver plated copper OCC cable with an Oyaide 3.5mm right-angle rhodium plated connector, machined aluminum gimbals, and a Mod House Audio leather headband. Went for an all black motif, with old school low profile Grado cups and gimbals. Seems few on Headfi have heard the new V8 drivers, I think they are excellent, makes it hard to part with this pair, but I committed to a collection downsizing project! I really liked using these with my Oppo HA-2SE, going for walks, sitting outside and reading, etc. Here is the part list and cost at the time of building (about two months ago):

    Symphones V8 drivers $75
    Black limba sleeves $75
    OCC silver-copper cable with Oyaide 3.5mm right angle connector $45
    Machined aluminum gimbals $35
    Mod house audio leather headband $20
    Grado L cush pads $20

    Total $270 (does not include shipping costs or labor)

    Price is $200, includes shipping and Paypal fees, USA only, PM me with questions or if interested. Thanks for looking!

    DSCF3892.jpg DSCF3896.jpg 20170729_121019.jpg 20170729_121747.jpg 20170729_135741.jpg 20170729_160450.jpg
    20170927_235856.jpg 20170927_235919.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
  2. L0rdGwyn
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