SOLD: Supra SE Upgraded SP-MPX3
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Dec 9, 2004
Well, I purchased a Music Reference RM9 MKII on impulse, so I need to now sell for sure.

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have specific questions and are ready to buy. Please save commentary for email, not this selling area.

I bought this from the member below through another party.

Will come with a pair of Ken-Rad and pair of Sylvania 6SN7GT. Also a pair of '58 GE 6BXT. Also a nice Russian Metal Base 6H8C. Maybe others if you give me a bit of time to hunt (but this would be a freebie). All tubes test well and are matched to within 10%.

This is a 2-input amp with selector, ad a volume control. No texture. No adapters.

I have owned the PPX3 (P2P-wired Jensen PIO and Solen Cap upgrades) and MPX3 (P2P Toaster); this is clearly superior to either.

[size=small]For Sale to the first member with reasonable feedback that makes a decisive offer +[/size]. I reserve option to sell to members in good standing with good feedback.

It is in excellent condition, let's say 8/10 on Agon scale. No major flaws, but I did not hold under bright light and inspect every swirl. See my perfect feedback everywhere. Will ship FedEx with Tracking and will be packed well. May need a couple of days to pack, likely 2X Boxed, or mummified in B-Wrap and peanuts in HD box.

Again, please PM or Email rather than ask questions here, as per rules. If you are ready to buy and lack of pics hold you back--I can send and will post soon here.

Thanks for looking.

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