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SOLD: Super.fi 5 Pro, < 2 mo. use, w/ extras

  1. Hanafuda

    Price lowered to $90 shipped CONUS.

    I received these as a brand new warranty replacement set in October 2009 and only used them for just over a month (my original ones ummm ... got a crack in the plastic housing ... UE replaced them no questions [​IMG] ). Then I got the H1N1 flu really bad, followed by a middle ear infection, and now I'm on steroids to fix my ear. (see here) I've been warned not to use IEM's, at least for an extended period, due to the fragile state of my right ear. So, I'm outta luck with a nearly new Super.fi 5 Pro.

    The comply tips that came with it are used and I don't think you'd want them, but the package would include (as pictured below):

    Super.fi 5 Pro IEMs
    UE Metal storage case
    Inline volume attenuator
    Small, Med, and Lrg silicone tips (Med x 2)
    Three cleaning tools
    1/8 to 1/4 gold plated adapter
    Extra cable ($20 value)

    sorry - no original packaging. I never planned on selling these.

    The story behind the extra cable - my original set of SF5Pro came with the old, stiff transparent cable that was prone to breakage at the Y juncture. UE replaced the original cable for me under warranty about a year ago, and the replacement was the newer, black one that is more supple and doesn't get brittle or kink up. When I returned the broken earphones last October, I sent them with the original cable and kept the newer one. Sneaky I guess, but those cables are $20 so it was a no-brainer.

    So, a few extras in there. I will sell for $90 shipped inside the cont. USA. I know these sometimes sell a little lower, but these are near-new and with the extra bits especially an extra $20 cable in there, I think they're worth the $90.

    paypal is doable, but I would prefer payment by USPS money order to avoid paypal fees.

    send pm or reply here

  2. Hanafuda
    bump. price lowered.
  3. Hanafuda
    bump. also offering to trade for a decent portable amp. see here.

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