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SOLD : Stax SRM-727A (Japanese version of SRM-727II)

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  1. samuelnsh
    First owner of this amplifier, purchased in Japan in July 2015.

    The SRM-727A amplifier is for the Japanese region, so the voltage is 100V. I THINK this unit can't be modded to 110V, it's new enough that it should be after Stax updated the amp to not allow transformer alteration. I've never opened it up to verify though. In any case, I've always used it with a 110V to 100V transformer that I've purchased in Japan along with the unit, which I'll include with this amp.

    From my understanding, the SRM-727 II is the export version of the SRM-727A, so they should sound the same afaik.

    Asking $950 USD for the amplifier (or $1150 CAD). Please PM me your postal code for a shipment quote. We can split Paypal fee.
    PRICE DROP: $750 USD ($940 CAD)

    I'm located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you're around this area and you want an in-person demo (with your own headphones), we can arrange that.

    I've posted the same amp on Canucks Audio Mart: http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649373789-stax-sr507-srm727a/

    The following images were downloaded and re-uploaded from my posting on Canucks Audio Mart, so they have the watermark from that website.

    1620196-stax-sr507-srm727a.jpg 1620197-stax-sr507-srm727a.jpg 1620198-stax-sr507-srm727a.jpg 1620199-stax-sr507-srm727a.jpg 1620200-stax-sr507-srm727a.jpg 1620201-stax-sr507-srm727a.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  2. samuelnsh
    Price drop: $810 USD ($1000 CAD)
  3. samuelnsh
    Price drop: $750 USD
  4. pataburd
    Responded to your Canuck Audio Mart ad.
    Could not get a PM sent from HF.
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