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  1. Philimon
    Sold to Amarphael.
    For sale is the Stax SRD7 mk2 self-biasing version earspeaker adaptor. The self-biasing version is neat in that it isn't plugged into a wall outlet like other SRD7s. I have also read that non-SB versions can have a hum sound (but don't quote me on the hum sound issue  because I have never actually compared myself). The SRD7 MKII SB has both pro and normal bias outputs. There is also a switch that allows you to choose between outputting a signal towards your headphones or speakers, so that way you do no not have to take up an output on your amp just for the headphone.
    The SRD7 is in good condition, except the clear coat on the paint is not doing that well and has created a sort of of light speckled effect amongst the black color. I also have the original box, and manual. The SRD7 will be coming from a non-smoking home.
    I am looking for $200 shipped CONUS. Outside of CONUS is possible with Head-Fiers with good feedback/post count, but we will have to re-negotiate shipping cost.
    I have 100% feedback on Head-Fi, eBay (emerald_bunnie), and Amazon (Philimonmon@yahoo).
    (sorry about the sideways pic, and excuse the bit of dust - I will make sure to take care of that)
    I forgot to mention that I would like payment via Paypal. I also would like to add some further information about the different SRD7 models by pointing you to this thread.: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/435683/what-are-the-differences-between-a-stax-srd-7-pro-and-srd-7-mkii
    There are many more threads with information regarding the SRD7s, but the one above was straight to the point in clarifying how the self-biasing versions works. I am afraid my description in my for sale thread wasn't adequate...

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