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Aug 18, 2007
I have splurged on a new Stax O2 Mk2 recently, and need to let something go to help pay down the VISA. What I am considering selling is my beloved SR-Lambda Signature Pro. I bought this headphone from Mapstec about 10 months ago and it has been well cared for by him and by myself. It looks as though he replaced the pads with new brown matching pads, and the pads and foam inside the earcups is intact and looks new. They have been stored in a large aluminum flight case with my SR-Lambda and SR-5NB, and silca gel packs - but since I need the oversized case for the other two headphones it is not included.

I wanted them so badly that I ended up paying, between cash and trade, what would have been about $650 total (plus the cost to ship my stuff to him in Switzerland), because I wanted them badly enough to talk someone who didn't want to sell into obeying my every wish and command. These are reported to be the best model of Lambda to buy, and they are very enjoyable. I feel they are better than the SR-Lambda in their feeling of body and presence and dynamics (likely being better due to the Pro bias). But they are also noticeably better than either of the two pair of regular Lambda Pro that I have owned, with fuller mids and midrange detail. Until I got my HE60 in May, these Lambda Sig were my "go to" phones. They can be easily driven with an inexpensive pro-bias amplifier like the vintage SRM-1 Mk2 Pro (which has already been sold and shipped last month) or SRM-303/323/252. These also don't go up for sale all that often, which makes me worry about replacing them if I miss them.

I am thinking they are definitely worth $550 shipped CONUS in this condition. I will listen to offers, and reserve the right to choose whom they go to, if I decide the offers are worth my parting with these. PM me with offers or questions please. It may take me a few days to decide if you get them, unless you make me an offer I can't refuse. I will consider selling to international buyers with excellent head-fi feedback, with additional shipping and handling costs.

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