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SOLD - Stax SR-009

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by echineko, Nov 10, 2018.
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  1. echineko
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    For various reasons, I need to put my beloved SR-009 up for sale. It's in great condition even though about 2 years old now, and used in a smoke and pet free house, stored away in the Stax box when not in use.

    Will put up more photos once I'm back from my weekend trip.

    33177103-1319-4E75-B65B-6C133781CC24.jpeg 5E3632C9-4542-44F6-9BF3-187E7258A9A3.jpeg 2E20BA91-DFA4-422A-8456-2DDEBEE469D8.jpeg 89280F5D-5CE9-4211-8976-A8EF0B490A02.jpeg C3274976-230A-4917-BFA4-1F97425D4060.jpeg E9DADF97-445F-4EC8-AD52-2C8305AFEE5B.jpeg 9A5F110E-0827-403C-9E15-753E770640E0.jpeg BB0CEC0B-8BAC-4DB2-BFC6-A28C9C7F9034.jpeg
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  2. echineko
  3. echineko
  4. echineko
    Sold .
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