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Aug 31, 2002
]I have a Space Tech Lab 6AS7 headphone amp for sale. I bought this amp from the original owner on Audiogon. The amp uses 2 x 6sn7gt for gain and 2 x 6as7/ 5998/6080 for the output tubes. This amp is transformer coupled and very quiet if used with high impedance headphones like Senn 580/600/650s. I have always had atleast a slight hum with low impedance Grados so I dont recommend this amp for Grados. However, the amp is very quiet and surprisingly synergistic with the lower impedance 62 ohm AKG 701s.

I am including a matched pair of two nos Sylvania 6sn7gtba (both test 115/112) for gain and a pair of Raytheon 6080wcs for the output tubes. The amp has a paint blemish/ chassis flaw on the right hand side (look at pic #2 especially) and the volume control shows definite wear and pitting that is hard to photograph. The volume knob is easily replaced and I am factoring in the sale price $10 off for a nice replacement knob.

I am asking $425 shipped in the CONUS east of the Mississippi and slightly more ($435) to cover the added shipping costs further west. I will accept non credit card paypal or a USPS money order. I can include additional output tubes if you wish to purchase added tubes. You can see I used tube socket adapters and used the 7af7/ 7n7/ 6cg7/ 6gu7 tubes with excellent results. This is a rich, smooth, warm sounding amp that has been trouble free since I bought the amp .... but I just have to many amps and I need to clear some out.

I can be reached by PM here @ Head-Fi or by email ....




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