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[SOLD] Sony XBA-100

Trader History (3)
  1. Gibertus Jeunus
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    Balanced Sony XBA-100 for sale

    I only had them for a few months, very pleased with the airy, transparent reproduction. Natural vocals, light on bass.

    Some watermark on the brass body of the earphones, original accessories and packaging included

    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  2. ledzep
    Guessing sold ( please delete in header ) ?
  3. Gibertus Jeunus
    They're still available
  4. ledzep
    Send us your PayPal address and I'll gift you the £30, regards Mark.
    The drivers are in full working condition no imperfections in the sound ?
    I collect Sony iems so just filling in my gaps in the lower end of the series so a good working pair will do nicely, the water marks can be removed so that is not a problem.
  5. Gibertus Jeunus
    Yes, they are in perfect working condition. Nothing to report besides the marks on the brass.

    Just sent you a PM

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